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The Trends

Canada is quickly becoming a country of choice for many International Students looking to study abroad. 


Above graph is an excerpt taken from: Canada's Performance and Potential in International Education 

Where are our students coming from?

This year we have over 900 students attending classes across our three campuses.  There are representives from over 40 countries.

Where are they from

For a larger version of the map (including the names of all countries represented) click on the International Students on Campus Map.

Feedback & Suggestions

If you have any suggestions for additional content, or would like to book some one-on-one time, please contact a representative from the International Department.

Ekta Singh
Inclusivity & Intercultural Specialist
Ext 1966

Teaching International Students

Canada is a society of immigrants. Changing demographics have transformed the student population. These changes have created new opportunities for development. What are the implications of such profound social and demographic changes for teaching and learning? How do we adapt curricula and teaching approaches to reflect the diversity present in our classrooms?

The resources on this page will aid faculty in adapting and expanding their practice to support all students including international students.

Strategies for Teaching a Culturally Diverse Students

Cultural Variations: A Faculty Guide


Dr. Sherri Valentine created this educational video to equip teachers with a set of strategies for teaching culturally diverse students.

Video (Scenario Based) Resources 

Humber College has developed a series of short scenario based videos:

  1. Introduction to Teaching International Students

  2. International Approaches to Secondary Education

  3. Students May Have Difficulty Reading Course Material

  4. Addressing Missed Due Dates, Tests or Exams

  5. Attendance and Lateless for Class

  6. Four Strategies to Engage the Multicultural Classroom

  7. Plagiarism (See section below)

  8. Academic Integrity (See section below)

Academic Integrity, Plagiarism, APA Citations/Referencing

ACE English 6000 Writing with Integrity (Provides an overview of St. Lawrence College’s plagiarism policy, the serious consequences that occur when a student plagiarizes, the guidelines on how to paraphrase and quote ideas correctly, and a brief overview of A.P.A.)

School of Business Academic Integrity Contract (Sample Contract drafted up by the SLC School of Business to address Plagiarism & Academic Integrity Concerns)

What is Academic Integrity? (York University)

Writing Rescue Videos

Check out these short, practical videos for step-by-step instructions on how to cite sources and create a reference page in APA style.  Created by SLC Communications Instructor, Sara Beck, these six "Writing Rescue" videos will take you (and your students) through the basics of APA citing and referencing.

Creating Rubrics with English Proficiency

In many cases, our International students are also ESL students.  While the student meets the proficiency standards required to enter the program, their ability to communicate (orally and written) may appear weaker than that of domestic students.  To support their learning, english proficiency measurements can be added to rubrics which will demonstrate any progress the student is making in language skills. 

Sample Rubrics

One Minute Speech Rubric - Before

One Minute Speech Rubric - Revised (with English Profiency)

Rubric with English Proficiency Criteria

Team Presentation Rubric with English Proficiency Criteria


Developing Writing Skills

Teaching Academic Writing to International Students in an Interdisciplinary Writing Context: A Pedagogical Rough Guide Across the Disciplines: A Journal of Language, Learning, and Academic WritingAcross the Disciplines: A Journal of Language, Learning, and Academic Writing)



Where to Go for Help?

You, Your International Students and Your Supports (A presentation given to faculty on August 2017)

Math & Writing Centre


 College & University Sites 

Teaching International Students: Teaching Methods (Humber College)

Globalization of Learning (Queens University)

Teaching a Diverse Student Body (Virginia State University)

Teaching International Students: Pedagogical Issues and Strategies (University of Michigan)

Strategies for teaching international and multilingual students (University of Washington)

10 Tips On How To Teach International Students Effectively (Open Colleges)

Resources for Teaching International Students (University of Kansas)

Making the most of cultural diversity (Oxford University)