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Our Commitment  aNew Programs and Courses cd and mapping curriculum alignment

The Curriculum Developers help you in developing quality curriculum through design, mapping, and the review of course outlines. 

Whether you are developing new programs & courses or reviewing and updating existing programs and courses, they are here to help.

The Six C's!

The curriculum developers offer the following six services:

Curriculum Design: Transform great ideas into new programs.

Curriculum Mapping: Analyze, review, and revitalize your program.

Course Outlines: Rethink, invigorate, and clarify your courses.

Consultations: Brainstorm ideas for program improvement.

Connection: Collaborate with colleagues and members of the CCTL.

Chocolate: To keep you going.



The Process

New Program Assessment and Development Process

Forms: New Programs

One Year Framework New Program Assessment and Development

New Program Development Checklist

New Program Idea Template

New Program Proposal Cover Sheet

CVS Instructions for Submission of Program Proposal

CVS Application Form for Program Proposal

MTCU Framework for Programs of Instruction

MTCU Request for Approval for Funding KPI Factsheet

MTCU Request for Approval for Funding SMA Factsheet

MTCU Request for Approval for Funding

Application for Local Program Approval

Forms: Degree Programs

Updates to Application Process for Ministerial Consent - Degrees

Ministers Guidelines Directives - Degrees

Degree Application Forms


Forms: New Articulations

New Articulation Idea Form

Framework for Articulation Agreements

The Process

Curriculum Development & Mapping Process
Mapping Guidelines

P3D Course Design Process

Workflow Tools

Course Outlines

Guidelines for Preparing Course Descriptions

Taught, Reinforced, Assessed at Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced Levels

Pre-requisite Co-requisite Academic Policy (2015-2016)

Authentic Learning Resources and Ideas about Authentic Learning

Assessment Mapping

Academic Policy on Assessment Evaluation

2012-2015 CAAT Program Standards



Curriculum Alignment @ SLC

What is Curriculum Alignment?
How is it achieved?
Why is it important? 

The Curriculum Alignment Overview document will provide answers to your what, how and why questions.


curriculum alignment