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St. Lawrence College is committed to providing students access to essential course materials, resources, student progress/grades and other relevant information through the College's Learning Management System (LMS) to support their learning.

To reinforce our commitment to our students a Blackboard Standards Policy has been developed which outlines the expectations for the use of the College’s LMS to support the teaching and learning process.

Understanding the Blackboard Standards 

Feedback & Suggestions

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To support the implementation of the Blackboard Standards, the Centre for Contemporary Teaching and Learning (CCTL) is committed to providing faculty members with support, training and resources for using Blackboard Learn. This Blackboard Standards Guide orients faculty to the various Blackboard features that will be expected in every course and provides step-by-step instructions on using the features.

The functions and uses of Blackboard have been broken down into two levels. The first level corresponds to the Blackboard Standards. The second level focuses on a variety of assessment and collaboration tools.

Blackboard Standards

Blackboard Standards Guide

Creating Links on the Course Menu

Creating the Course Menu

Uploading Files and Building Your Course

Uploading and Organizing Content

Working with the Communications Tools

Using Common communication Tools

Grade Center: Everything You Need to Know



Creating Assignments

Creating Rubrics

Grading Assignments

Blackboard Inline Grading - Crocodoc to New Box View

Submitting and Assignment (Student Perspective)


Creating a Blackboard Test

Setting the Test Options

Creating and Using Question Pools

Creating a Test from a Word doc Using a Test Generator

Copying Tests Between Courses

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools

Creating Groups

 Getting Started with Panopto

Configuring Panopto in a Blackboard Course

Creating and Uploading Videos

Installing the Panopto Recorder (PC)

Creating a Narrated PowerPoint, Live Video and Screen Capture with Panopto (PC)

Creating a Narrated PowerPoint, Live Video and Screen Capture with Panopto (Mac)

Using the Panopto App for iOS

Using the Panopto App for Android

Uploading existing videos using Panopto

Recording a video using the Video Rigs

Using Panopto Videos in your Course

Posting videos in Blackboard using the Panopto Links and Mashups

Creating Quizzes in Panopto


Creating Subfolders and Student Assignment Folders

Submitting a Video Assignment with Panopto

Managing Panopto

Managing Sharing & Permissions

Course Copies with Panopto


Blackboard Setup

Need help building your course menu? Want to save some time?
Check out this video on uploading a course menu file.

To complete the process you will also need this file.

You may also be interested in this video about how to copy content from a past course to your current course.

Merging Multiple Course Sections

Other Tools & Resources

Accessing Blackboard: How Faculty Get Access to Blackboard

Avatars: Creating & Uploading

Course Availability Settings: For Faculty, Students or Both

Consistency using Custom Course Banners

Course Banner: Template (PPT file)

Course Copy: How To Procedures

Course Creation: How are Courses Created in PeopleSoft?

Explain Everything for iOS

Hiding Courses from the Dashboard

Hubs & Sites: Requesting a Blackboard Hub or Site (Step 1)

Hubs & Sites: Enrolling users in a Blackboard Hub or Site (Step 2)

Importing and Exporting Files

Peoplesoft Grade integration

Student Orientation Checklist

User Roles in Blackboard & Peoplesoft

Enroll User Form

Blackboard Test Generator (Algonquin College)