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international students

The number of International Students who are studying in our campuses has grown significantly over the past three years.  This year we have welcomed over 900 students from over 40 countries.


Our classrooms are more diverse and culturally rich than previously, which provides a new experience for both faculty and students. 

For more information and strategies  visit the Teaching International Students: Faculty Resources page.

Cultural Variations: A Faculty Guide
SLC staff and students now have access to the entire suite of online training available from the site.  There are 1000s of courses on technology, teaching pedagogy, leadership and more.  Registration is easy, you just have to login. Login Instructions.


Join the conversation @TheCentreSLC


Our Team

Contact one of our team members if if you want to talk about rubrics or classroom management ideas, align your assessments to learning outcomes, redesign your course to be more engaging in a hybrid format, want inspiration for more engaging online interaction with students, have an idea for a new course, want to learn more about specific features in Blackboard, you are new to teaching at SLC or want to connect with other educators, (and more!)we're here to help.


whats new at the centre

Non-full-time faculty...

If you are new to the college, or even if you have taught here for several years, you will want to visit Teaching@SLC 101. This provides a handy one page roadmap for navigating the college - with links to key resources and services available.

New Part-Time Faculty Survival Guides are now available at all academic offices. Electronic copies are also available for Brockville, Cornwall, and Kingston.

For those who are new to teaching the college, check out the Infographic below for some quick tips.



Part-timers Time Savings & Success Series...

Once again, Christina Decarie, Tri-Campus Faculty Coach will be hosting a series of online discussions & workshops developed exclusively for non-full-time faculty. 

The purpose of these sessions is to connect non-full-time faculty with the ideas, colleagues, and resources that will save them time and energy and help them deliver the best teaching possible.

A wide range of topics and guest speakers will address issues both in and out of the classroom: international students, academic accommodations, plagiarism/academic honesty, managing your marking, handling mental health issues, hybrid courses, student engagement techniques, campus security, classroom management techniques, assessment strategies, and more.
Sessions will be offered on weeknights from 7-8 pm through the fall and winter semesters. 

Watch your email for the Fall 2017 schedule & lineup.

New full-time faculty...

New full-time faculty hired between January and August this year, will be starting the New Full-time Faculty Development Program (NFFDP) in mid September.

This program will run on most Fridays throughout the fall semester. Newly hired full-time faculty will meet with key people throughout all three campuses in order to learn how different elements of the college and its campuses serve students, staff, and faculty.

The Friday sessions will also explore teaching and learning philosophies, classroom management strategies, and student engagement techniques. For the winter semester, the NFFDP transforms into a job-shadowing and mentoring program.

For full-time faculty hired last year, the program will restart in January.

Mentoring Opportunities:

For faculty in their mid to late careers, becoming a mentor can be a rewarding experience:

  • feel their experience and knowledge is recognized and valued, and put to use

  • develop broader network across disciplines and campuses

  • learn fresh perspectives on teaching due to exposure to different generations, disciplines, industries, etc.

  • demonstrate commitment to professional development

  • tap into ideas and knowledge that may have become dormant

For faculty new to teaching, having a mentor offers many benefits:

  • gain access to experience, wisdom, and long-term perspective

  • develop broader network across disciplines and campuses

  • increase confidence and efficacy in teaching

  • demonstrate commitment to professional development

  • develop and deeper and richer understanding of St Lawrence College

If you are interested in either being a Mentor, or being a Mentee, contact Christina Decarie ext. 1148.


  Open classrooms

Are you interested in visiting other teachers' classrooms, both within and outside your discipline? Are you open to having colleagues visit yours? In either case, consider taking part in Open Classrooms.

This teaching and learning initiative provides faculty with the opportunity to collaborate in an informal manner, sharing ideas and experiences with peers. 

If you are interested in having a chance to visit your colleagues' classrooms or invite them to yours, please contact Christina Decarie ext. 1148.


International Education Q&A

Learn more about SLC’s current international activities including the recruitment practice, admission process, and various support services available for students, staff and faculty. 

Thursday, September 21st 
11:30am - 12:30pm
Room #01000

Thursday, September 21st 
5:00pm - 6:00pm
Room #22160

Friday, September 22nd
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Room #00060

Come prepared to ask questions, provide feedback, and connect with the International Department staff. 

No registration required: Feel free to drop into any of the sessions.

How to Avoid Six Stumbling Blocks in Intercultural Communication

Facilitator: Ining Chao

This one-hour workshop highlights the importance of effective intercultural communication and provides practical guidelines on how to avoid  miscommunication.

Attend this workshop and become more mindful of the cultural differences and learn some strategies to improve communication with students of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Friday, October 6th
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Room #33100

Sign Up Required: contact Laura Caldwell to register.

Special Note: Similar sessions will be offered on the Brockville & Cornwall Campuses.


Available now - New functionality which provied faculty the the ability to automatically transfer Blackboard Grades into the PeopleSoft Faculty Centre Grade Roster was launched in April 2016.

For detailed instructions on how to set this up in Blackboard, refer to the Blackboard Peoplesoft Grade Integration: Blackboard Setup Instructions


This website has been developed as an online resource hub for all SLC faculty (part-time, partial load, sessional, and full time) and others interested in teaching and learning.

Please take a few minutes and complete our Feedback Survey so that we can continue to meet your teaching and learning needs.

Alternate Format Request

St. Lawrence College is committed to making our resources usable by all people, whatever their abilities or disabilities. This information will be made available in alternative format upon request.

Learning Connections Conference

Save the Date - May 29 & 30, 2018


We are currently working on the new website for LCC2018 and will be providing more details in the coming weeks!


If you have any questions relating to the conference, please contact Hannah Muysson at ext. 1934 or

Semester Startup Sessions

The Semester Startups provide an opportunity for faculty to get connected to new technologies, meet (and learn about) many of the college services, pick up some teaching and learning tips, and get answers to FAQs.

The sessions typically run during the week preceding the semester startup.

Details & registration information available during the first (or second) week of August and November each year.